Cooking with Shelia VIP Membership

Hey Y’all!

I’m so excited you decided to join Cooking with Shelia! This platform is all about food and family. I was born, raised & currently reside in Kansas City, MO. I am a product of the KCMO public school system and a Rockhurst Alumni; where I earned a BA in Organizational Leadership, an MBA and a Certification in Nonprofit Management Leadership. I can honestly say that I was born a foodie…I find great pleasure in creating delicious food and refreshing cocktails for the people I love. 

When I was growing up my Mama used the kitchen as a platform to not only teach me how to cook but, to teach me life lessons…I have two beautiful daughters; Shalea and Devan and three wonderful grandchildren; Heaven, Christopher & Messiah. We’re not a perfect family but, we love each other, we cook together and we’re looking forward to sharing this journey with each of you. 

Thank you for supporting Cooking with Shelia…together we will explore food from around the world, with easy to follow recipes and presentation ideas that will ignite the Chef in each of YOU! 

Your VIP membership includes exclusive access to the following:

  1. Live access to Shelia’s kitchen table.
    • Cooking 101
    • Spices 101
    • Table Setting 101
  2. Shelia’s favorite recipes
    • Food recipes of the month.
    • Cocktail recipes of the month.
  3. Reviews of Shelia’s favorite things, restaurants and products.
    • Discount code to Shelia’s favorite products ie, spices, sauces, jams, sausages, etc.
    • Product testing, samples & reviews
    • Restaurant reviews.
  4. Exclusive, live cooking classes and cocktail demos.
    • Live demonstrations of Shelia’s favorite recipes and cocktails
  5. Participation in Shelia’s kitchen table conversations – an exchange of cooking tips, insights and relevant topics.