Soul Gangsta

Not Your Mama’s Collard Greens

  This award-winning dish, Not Your Mama’s Collard Greens will have your taste buds jumping with anticipation from the moment you see the bright, bold colors of this collard green wrap. The infusion of fresh collard green leaves with the earthiness of roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed red peppers and chicken that has been draped in…
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Oxtails: Jerked to Perfection

Jerk seasoning is one of my favorites…I love the sweet heat flavor from meat that has been jerked to perfection. The  versatility of this combination of herbs & spices leaves you wanting more. So, when I found myself out of balance last week…a reminder that I needed to spend some one on one time with…
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Collard Greens

Collard greens were my Mama’s favorite…so much so, that I spent every Saturday as a kid for as long as I can remember, picking and cleaning bunch after bunch of collard greens for Sunday’s dinner. I remember as the week moved forward I would often wonder, how many hours of play time will I have…
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