Kansas City Style Barbecue

Smoked Pulled Pork and Sweet & Spicy Barbecue Sauce

I was surfing the net late one night…doing  a little research for an upcoming video tutorial, “Spices 101.” I came across a video clip of this guy talking big you know what about his Kansas City Style Barbecue, Spices, Rubs and Sauces. In  fact, it was a video clip of him doing his thing at a Kansas City Chiefs tailgate party. Everybody knows that you ain’t been to a tailgate party until you experience a KC Chiefs tailgate party. My curiosity was peeked, I wanted to know more about and possibly experiment with these Kansas City style spices, rubs & sauces.

I contacted Mike P’s via Facebook messenger. Basically, I told him who we are and what we do in the Gangsta Goodies Kitchen and to my surprise, he had been watching and following us from the beginning. The next day Mike P’s delivered spices to us and encouraged us to try them and to give him some honest feedback.  We did just that, we’ve tried several of Mike P’s spices; Original (great for veggies), Jerk (the best jerk spice ever), Game Changer (great for curry dishes) and Applewood (for all things grilled) just to name a few.


Mike’s army buddies volunteered him to take on the role of Pit Master and was affectionately referred to as Mike P by his army buddies. After all, you can’t be from Kansas City and not know something about Kansas City Style Barbecue. In fact the moment you tell someone that you’re from Kansas City, the barbecue stories began.

Little did his buddies know, Mike didn’t know  much about the art of queuing at that point. But, you’ve heard the saying, “Fake It Until You Make It,” Mike said that is exactly what he did. Mike drew from his childhood memories and experiences he had with his mother and sisters in the kitchen and in no time Mike was bringing Kansas City Style barbecue to places as far away as Germany.


You can find Mike P’s Kansas City Style Barbecue, Spice, Rubs & Sauces on FacebookInstagram and on his Website

 Get your grills out, gather your family and friends and order your Mike P’s Kansas City Style Barbecue Rubs, Spices & Sauces today! This message has been approved by Gangsta Goodies Kitchen.

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